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Seems that Rivka didn't like being named, even on an obscure troll wars blog. I've now joined the ranks of the authors who have been deleted from Goodreads for trumped up reasons. People clicking like on my good reviews? Really? Not against ToS.

Guess this means I don't have to be careful about speaking my mind diplomatically then. As the saying goes, "It's only a risk until it happens."

The trouble is, now they've proven the point. The one star review from 2009 is pinned to the top again, and get this.

A fairly recent troll rated it two years before the book was added to the site. Good trick. There's no doubt now that there is a rotten apple in admin. The question is, is it only one? Goodreads, you really need to clean house.

In real terms, it makes absolutely no difference. I've had no time to really participate on the site for quite a while. There was one group I liked and I was starting to post, but I didn't have time for their monthly read this month so they'll probably never notice my absence, apart from the mod who was on my friends list.

It's all such silly nonsense. How can people dedicate their lives to looking for ways to 'get at' people they don't even know? I can't even be bothered to copy my HONEST REVIEW of Angela's book over to the US Amazon, where I do regularly post reviews. I choose not to wallow in negativity.

Oh and someone tell Miranda, Carol didn't 5-star any books she didn't read.

For one of her worst tormentors to contact the site about her death is a whole new level of tacky. She has family, and it would have been appropriate for *them* to contact any site where she was involved as an author. This move makes Miranda the lowest of low grade scum.

Don't worry Angela, I'll have some screenshots for you from the private group when I've got permissions and time to post. Unlike you I don't spend my life on this and have other things to do. I'm not the one who is obsessed. Look in the mirror woman, cracks and all. It's rather pitiful what you're doing to yourself.

Happy people don't stalk other people and try to find ways to annoy them. You could free yourself from all that hatred, if you wanted to.

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