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An Update

Wow, it's been over a year since I've been able to carve out a spare five minutes to make a commentary on this blog.

I've finished a movie! Old Blood is ready to release and I'm working on a second trailer while an interested distributor in L.A. is having a look at it. There's no guarantee they'll go for it as they are collecting indie films from several people to decide what to put into their Winter catalogue, but I had planned self-distribution anyway and only sent them copies on request because after a good Internet stalk, I can see the benefit of working with a sales agent if it's the right one.

This should give the YouTube trolls plenty of fodder to amuse themselves with. I sometimes feel sorry for them, having nothing better to do that critisize the efforts of others when they don't have the courage or creativity to stretch themselves into realms where they might possibly fail.

There are some rough edges as a no budget amateur film is bound to have, but overall it's an accomplishment I'm quite proud of. If I can do this with no money, just think what I could do with a budget and professional technitians!

I still have one more movie to finish off, Graveyard Shift. However, I've learned a lot in these past few years of learning film editing and the key I need to deal with the T-shirt logo problem is now in my hands. I'm just getting the ball rolling on the Old Blood release first and tidying up admin and details.

On the literary front, much has calmed down. The majority of the misguided souls who let themselves get sucked into mob mentality have seen their error and settled into being perfectly nice, mature readers. Respect to them. The uber troll still has a rabid sniping group... with six members. That's it. Six people who get their joy in life by attacking others.

The uber troll herself has been making overtures to some of her past victims to clean up her paper trail a little. Apparently she's worked out that she did more damage to herself that to any of her targets and that her own books are just as vulnerable to the abuses of the system that she foisted on places like Goodreads. What goes around comes around.

She still stalks a few favourites and has a list for authors she believes are alternate pen names for people on her shit list. Of course the poor old dear keeps getting it wrong. Two authors who happen to use the same formatting service I do are on it along with someone who writes similar 'damaged woman/biker' stuff as Ms Trollie. I know she's falsely accused one of the former of being me, not sure about the others. It doesn't appear to affect them in any way and they haven't joined the author groups.

The author groups on Facebook have calmed down now that the nasties have been rendered ineffective. STGRB officially retired at one point, though they still have the occasional article. I don't keep up, but once in a while something gets shared in the author groups. There are people who still feel the need to keep an eye on troll central and to note the dodgy accounts that appear on Goodreads and immediately one star all the same books. Goodreads is letting it slip again but people know about them now and there are lists for the interested.

I've got some work done on my next books but the film has taken most of my time for a while now. I would take a break, but the people involved in the film projects have waited a long time to see the results and I feel I need to keep at it for them. Life would be easier if all I did was write! Yet there's a certain satisfaction in film too. It's just been a long learning curve since I got stuck doing the editing myself.

As far as I know my stalker, Ms Andrews, has no platform for her lies about me apart from her own blog, and that's just preaching to the choir. Istill find it flabberghasting that she could post our correspondence, where I clearly say I have no intention of taking any legal action against her, and in the same post tell people that I'm suing her and they're sheep enough to go off and react to that without seeing the disproof in front of their eyes.

Some people just like to hate and will grasp at anything to feed the need, like when Ms uber troll went through the friend list of an author and targeted everyone on it, most of whom were only networking with other authors and had no idea he would turn out to be mental.

It's a sad sickness. There's a good article about it here.

I guess they're right about ignoring them, activity has really plummetted as more authors have flipped their hair and moved on.

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